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Water Sunshine

Jazmin Urrea & Carlos Arredondo, 2020

Ceramic Sculpture

47x28x10 in



AAW resident artist Carlos opens up about the artistic exchange with Jazmin.


“(My favorite part) fixing the blue thing. I never use clay before for the blue (piece). The big one. Something new, never do before. She taught me to paint the soft thing, the clay. We work hard all the time.” 


Jazmin shares her experience collaborating closely with AAW resident artist Carlos.

“Both of the sculptures we created are abstract shapes of Carlos's paintings. Our goal was to make the art "come to life" and experiment with what function they would have in the world. Carlos's energy is amazing, charismatic, and he always had such a positive attitude throughout the whole project.”

Water Sunshine by Carlos Arredondo & Jazmin Urrea

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