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Mobile Arts Program

The Mobile Arts Program is a home-based program that provides 1:1 creative arts therapy services to individuals with developmental disabilities who cannot attend a day program due to physical limitations and/or seeking specific adaptive skills training. Our team of professional art and music therapists provide sessions developed through a curriculum of adaptive, self-care and education skills development through the arts. Individuals otherwise homebound benefit from further physical and emotional decline by participating in a community-based program, where the opportunity for transition and inclusion are available. MAP services are currently funded through the Westside Regional Center and San Diego Regional Center, private pay options are available.

Virtual Option is available, learn more here.


Health & Wellness Clinic

The Creative Health & Wellness Clinic is an outpatient treatment program for children and youth with various disabilities, including autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, intellectual disabilities, developmental disabilities, acquired brain injuries, neurodegenerative disorders, physical injuries and other socio-emotional disorders.

The clinic implements our distinctive approach of Creative Arts IN Therapy & Creative Arts AS Therapy, which employs creative arts therapies to reach and teach individuals with disabilities, working with them through play and music to enjoy creative experiences while achieving their non-musical goals. Specifically, our sessions address: IEP Goals and Objectives, Communication Skills, Speech and Language Skills, Early Intervention, Cognitive Impairments, Social/Emotional Skills Support and Daily Living and Functional Skills. The clinic is founded on the theories and principles of A.H. Maslow and Able ARTS Work’s core belief of Love Before Learning.
The clinic is funded in part by grants. Private pay and financial aid options are available.

Music Class

Accessible Arts Workshops

Accessible Arts Workshops deliver standards-based visual art and music education workshops to children and adults in schools and community centers throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties. The program provides age-appropriate performance standards in the areas of: Artistic Perception; Creative Expression; Historical and Cultural Context; Aesthetic Valuing and Connections, Relationships and Application. Our workshops further enhance the well-being of participants with the inclusion of social-emotional learning while being led by teaching artists and creative arts therapists who have achieved the highest level of excellence in their artistic practice and education. Our workshops promote inclusion by encouraging engagement between individuals with and without disabilities. Workshops are grant funded services supported in part by The Department of Cultural Affairs, Los Angeles County Department of Arts & Culture, and The National Endowment for the Arts. 


Have Questions, Contact

Kristy Glass

Director of Community Advancement
Tel: 562-846-9654

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