Nearly 40 years ago, three courageous adults with developmental disabilities and a visionary music therapist charged a clear path for inclusion. Inside a small, run of the mill Long Beach Parks and Recreation classroom, music and art was used as a vehicle to overcome social stigmas, claim autonomy and make lasting contributions to society. Today, more than 3,000 children and adults throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties seek out Able ARTS Work’s unique approach to using art and music as a tool for positive personal and social change. While we have grown since our early days in the parks and rec’s room, it’s time for a Home of Our Own. The purchase of a building is symbolic to our purpose and will make sure meaningful services are accessible to people with disabilities, at-risk children and youth and other members of marginalized communities. By having a Home of Our Own, we come together with our community to build a kind of culture where everyone belongs.

A Home of Our Own is our biggest campaign yet! Our goal is to raise $2M to purchase a building in the city of Long Beach with the support of our Board of Directors, Corporate and Foundation partners.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted us all in so many ways, we are grateful to have been able to pivot our services rather seamlessly. We attribute our accomplishments this year directly to our team, who are skilled and trained in providing tailored services for the unique needs of the individual – including the use of technology to facilitate communication and engagement. Since March of 2020, we successfully launched a richly diverse public learning channel, presented our first virtual exhibition, bringing together 27 community artists throughout Southern California, adapted our beloved annual community showcase to the virtual world, established a community centric gallery and gift shop at Long Beach’s newest 2nd & PCH retail destination, and most recently safely held our first public opening reception, featuring one of kind, hand painted instruments by over 20 of Able ARTS’s resident artists. There is no doubt 2020 will go down in the history books as one of the most challenging years of our time, but with a team of creative, forward thinking individuals in our community, we are certain the accomplishments of the year are just a small of example of what is yet to come. We will be ready when we can be together in person, the virtual world has been an important resource this year but it will never replace the meaningful connections we make when together in person. When the time is right, A Home of Our Own will give us the physical space to build lasting bonds to bring us together.

With a physical space to call our own, the communities we serve can count on a safe, inclusive space where they are valued, respected and encouraged to express themselves.

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Today, we ask you to help us purchase a building so we can establish a home in the heart of our community.

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Please consider donating to Able ARTS Work's, Home of Our Own campaign. This company has been providing inclusive, person centered creative arts services and therapies to individuals with and without disabilities within an environment of growth, warmth and compassion for nearly 40 year old .

The work that Able Arts Work does is important, important for the communities they serve as well as important to the community as a whole. With a Home of Our Own, Able Arts work can build a place where everyone belongs.

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With a physical space to call our own, the communities we serve can count on a safe, inclusive space where they are valued, respected and encouraged to express themselves.

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