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We invite and encourage you to contribute in support of Able ARTS Work's progressive and important work. Able ARTS Work is growing through the diversity of programs and services to reach not only individuals with developmental disabilities, but at risk and under served communities. Through this growth we are able to bring more life-affirming, creativity-stimulating methods to more people, more families as well as the greater communities. Your gift is an investment in the arts, health & wellness, inclusion and the mission of Love before Learning. Learn for Life.

Checks can be mailed to:

3626 E. Pacific Coast Highway, Long Beach, CA 90804

Please find out more about our Capital Campaign. help Able ARTS Work acquire a Home of Their Own.

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Be a H.E.R.O

Help ( H) everyone ( E) reach ( R) Opportunity (O) by giving a small reoccurring gift. With your generosity, you can keep Able ARTS Work breathing and our heart beating.

Your contribution will support projects and services like Home of Our Own, Adult Day Programs, The Health and Wellness Clinic, Exhibitions, and Art Education Workshops for school age children.


Text to Donate

Donate today to help us empower and serve individuals with disabilities and underserved communities utilizing the arts!

Text DONATE to 562 -548-8211 to Give!

You will be prompted through the steps to give once you text

562 -548-8211.

Text to Donate
Legacy Giving

Legacy Giving

Able ARTS Work invites you to consider a legacy gift to our Legacy Society Endowment Fund. Families and students are direct beneficiaries of our student programs, but the benefits go much farther. Our whole community benefits through its participation in Able ARTS programs – from student interns, to Board Members, and community volunteers. We are continually being inspired by what our students can do when they are in a program where it's all about love before learning, learn for life.

The most compelling need for our students is the assurance of a lifetime program. Uncertainties in public funding mean that fewer resources will be available for programs in the foreseeable future. It is up to us to champion the future of our students. Your gift to the Able ARTS Work Legacy Society Endowment Fund will keep the love and learning, learn for life alive – now and into the future.

Sponsor a Student

Consider sponsoring a student today. By donating ( tax deductible ) $40, students will have access to specialized workshop through the inclusive Learn for Life online learning site.

Through these inclusive workshops, students have the opportunity to learn new skills while building their community through meaningful engagement. Through your contribution, we can strengthen, grow and provide enhanced services for our clients.

Sponsor a Student

Have Questions, Contact

Gisel Zabala
Tel: 562-982-0247

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