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About Able ARTS Work

Our Organization

Historically individuals with autism and developmental disabilities were not afforded the same opportunities for inclusion that most of society is afforded and excluded from many educational, living, leisure and vocational opportunities in our community for a quality of life. Able ARTS Work was established in 1982 as a non-profit organization to provide inclusive services for individuals with developmental disabilities, autism and ALL people through the creative arts therapies and education, music, dance/movement, drama/theater, visual arts, media and digital arts. Over the last 39 years, Able ARTS Work has expanded to provided creative art services and opportunities to the broader community including marginalized and underserved communities, youth at risk, children in a school setting and art enthusiasts throughout Southern California.

Our vision and philosophy is based on A. Maslow’s human psychology of hierarchy of human needs, thus our motto “Love Before Learning. Learn for Life.” We continue to forge community partnerships in a spirit of social responsibility that are vital to our growth from corporations, businesses and community members to connect with  communities  to fully integrate possibilities and talents through the expressive arts to nurture and foster a spirit of inclusivity, diversity and equity changing the status quo and promoting a quality of life for all. Today we are expanding our tailor made services that are typically in-person when safe, expanding to virtual online classes pushing the needle forward to make the creative and expressive arts opportunities accessible for all.


The primary mission of Able ARTS Work is to provide lifelong learning, community service and vocational opportunities through the creative arts for people of all abilities and all ages in an environment of warmth, encouragement and inclusion. Able ARTS Work provides unique development opportunities to all participating staff, students and partnering community members, together we grow.


Love Before Learning.

Learn for Life.

Cultural Equity Statement

Able ARTS Work supports a full creative life for all and upholds standards and practices that value the contributions of a diverse community.

Core Values

Love, Partnership, Creativity, Opportunity, Progressive, Integrity, Stewardship, Ability

  • We value the person first.

  • We value sharing experiences, building community and forging an inclusive society.

  • We value the creative arts as a vital tool to liberate and transform lives.

  • Through acceptance, encouragement and empowerment, we provide unique opportunities for growth and self-expression.

  • We are dedicated to always moving forward to best serve the needs of our community and to break down barriers of stigma.

  • We celebrate and support unique ability and contribution

  • We are honest and ethical in our leadership, influence and service delivery

  • We are committed to respectfully managing our resources.














We believe all people…

…,regardless of functional capability, have a right and responsibility, to contribute to the well being of their community and have a vocation of their choosing.

…should have access to an informed and supportive community, which must play a vital role in removing the barriers to full involvement and inclusion.

…should have access to the expressive arts in vocation, education, leisure, health and wellness.

…have the right to express and practice their cultural and artistic heritage.

We believe all people regardless of functional capability should be treated with dignity and respect, thus our philosophy and vision...

Love Before Learning. Learn for Life.

Our Leadership Team

Able ARTS Work's team of instructors and therapists are visual artists, music therapists, performers and expressive arts therapists who are professionals in their discipline.  Our team is inspired by out-of-the box thinking and wholeheartedly understands the intimate relationship between self-discovery and the creativity of each individual. Here a few faces that make up the amazing Able ARTS Work team.

Helan Dolas_Head Shot  (1).jpeg

Our Board

Able ARTS Work’s volunteer Board of Directors are passionate advocates of our mission to provide lifelong learning and vocational opportunities to people of all abilities and all ages. The board is composed of leaders from the local community and has wide expertise in areas relevant to Able ARTS Work’s mission, ranging from law and business leadership to music therapy.


Able ARTS Work has a growing and dynamic mission, which demands a growing and dynamic board. Please reach out if you share the passion and are interested in joining our board.

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