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Our Organization

Since 1982, Able ARTS Work  has played a significant role in providing meaningful day programming for adults with developmental disabilities .  Using the creative arts as a tool to develop and strengthen social and developmental skills, our primary focus is to encourage and support artists with disabilities in their creative expression through inclusive community participation.

As well as providing services to adults, with disabilities,  Able ARTS Work offers a number of programs designed to meet the needs too the community, particularly underserved and marginalized communities.  From health and wellness services to arts education and enrichment programs, each Able ARTS Work outreach program fosters and values contribution, accessibility, and engagement.

Through creative enrichment programs, Able ARTS Work aims to foster inclusion through creativity, initiative and expression.  We believe meaningful creative engagement happens when an individual, groups and the local community participate in an exchange of ideas, skills and cultural expression resulting in the development of a healthy and vibrant community.

Adult Day Program &






LOCATIONS: Virtual / Long Beach & Hawthorne


POPULATION SERVED: Adults withe developmental disabilities 

REGIONAL CENTERS VENDORIZATION: Westside Regional Center, Harbor Regional Center, San Diego Regional Center (courtesy), Orange County Regional Center (courtesy), Inland Regional Center (courtesy)

Adult clients receive daily, yearlong services to support individual social and developmental goals. Through a tailored evidence based methodology, clients participate in full time courses to meet their goals.

SPECIAL PROGRAMMING: ArtBeat Radio, 1:1 therapeutic sessions, performance opportunities, blog



POPULATION SERVED: Adults withe developmental disabilities 


Provides transportation to and from program in order to better serve and support clients and their families needs. Provides access to the greater community through the program hours.

Community Engagement



LOCATION SERVED: Virtual / In-Home South Bay & San Diego

RECENT PARTNERSHIPS: Westside Regional Center & San Diego Regional Center

POPULATION SERVED: Adults with Developmental Disabilities.

To provide tailored in home/ virtual creative arts therapy and education to improve quality of life, improve adaptive skills as well as a bridge to the community


LOCATION SERVED: Virtual / Long Beach & South Bay

POPULATION SERVED: Students 3 - 18 years old with disabilities &/or other emotional challenges

Through 10 & 12 week or long term Music/Art therapy services, students receive one one one or group sessions to build and improve social/emotional skills, speech/communication and motor skills.


LOCATION SERVED: Virtual / Schools & Community spaces throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties

POPULATION SERVED: K - 12 students with and without disabilities

10 - 12 week programs provide standards based arts education featuring social emotional learning as a key component of the program

Creative Enrichment



LOCATIONS SERVED: Virtual / Los Angeles County & beyond

GOAL: To provide professional skills training and income earning opportunities for artist with and without disabilities

POPULATION SERVED: Artists with and without disabilities

Exhibitions take place in our 3 in-house galleries, community professional galleries and community spaces. Featuring the work of artists with and without disabilities alongside one another further promotes a message of inclusion and exposes the work of underrepresented artists to the community at large.

SPECIAL PARTNERSHIPS: 2nd & PCH, Crafted Marketplace, City of

Long Beach, EXPO Art Center

GO! Store

LOCATION SERVED: Virtual / Long Beach

POPULATION SERVED: Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Able ARTS Work artists are able to display and sell their homemade goods. Through this program, artists are provided professional skills training and have opportunity to earn commission through sales.

Self Determination

The California statewide Self-Determination Program is a voluntary alternative to the traditional services funded by the regional centers. The SDP is being developed by the Department of Developmental Services to allow participants to have more control selecting their desired and neccessary services and supports. Participants (or their parents or legal representatives) are given a specific budget to purchase the services and supports that they need to make their person-centered plan work better for them. Able Arts Work is prepared and excited to support this program and fundamentally believe in the program's five principles:

  1. Freedom (to plan a good life)

  2. Authority (over your personal resources) 

  3. Support (for building a life in the community)

  4. Responsibility (and pride in making your own decisions) 

  5. Confirmation (of the important role you play)

Contact us to learn more about how Able ARTS Work can be part of your desired schedule.​


ArtBeat Radio

Artbeat Radio is social media and broadcasting program that fosters creativity, connection, and our client’s unique voices. Working together, the student-comprised staff of ABR brainstorm different multimedia experiences, each of which explore a different topic. Students enjoy creating many different types of pieces, including video, original songs or poetry, podcasts, and more! The goal of ArtBeat Radio is to explore the myriad ways in which the students of Able ARTS Work can make their unique voices heard by engaging the ever-expanding virtual world.

You can enjoy the weekly podcast on the following sites:

ArtBeat Radio

Virtual Services

In an effort to support our clients during this time of the Safer at Home order, Able ARTS Work adult day services and Mobile Arts Program has converted services to be delivered via virtual/telehealth methods, via live Zoom sessions, and virtual video sessions. These class and sessions feature the instructors and therapists that program clients worked with daily prior to the Safe at Home, from the Governor of CA, Gov. Newsom, order and will continue to build on skills and goals that clients were working on while at program. Our day programs are a place of creativity and self-expression; our virtual/telehealth classes are geared to provide this same atmosphere in the client’s home. Our goal is to provide the comfort and creativity of programs in client homes. The benefits of this service to clients is that they are still connected to their peers and program community; which we hope will counter the effects of isolation and anxiety that may occur when their daily routine has been upended by having to stay home for an extended amount of time.

From full & part day creative classes to 1:1 theurapeutic services, both Adult Day Programming and Mobile Arts Programs are currently offered Monday through Friday virtually. Services are funded through Westside Regional Center, Harbor Regional Center, Inland Regional Center, Orange County Regional Center, and San Diego Regional Center.

Check out our YouTube channel for prerecorded virtual learning videos created by our incredible staff!

To start the enrollment process, please contact us. 

REMO Partnership

In partnership with REMO, Inc., Able ARTS Work offers wellness instruments developed specifically to aid as a tool for special needs populations. These instruments have been developed with input from music therapists, clinicians and other educators that want adapted instruments to further access their student and clients’ greater health, therapeutic benefits and learning outcomes. Able ARTS Work is proud to offer a small discount so that your purchase of Comfort Sound Technology instruments supports Able ARTS Work programs and services.

Able ARTS Work is a proud REMO Recreational Music Partner offering inspiring music-making activities year after year. For 20 years REMO, Inc. has created rhythm tools that anyone can use. East to play, colorful, durable and designed with you mind!

See the full line of REMO instruments.

Drums are not always used for creating only music, they have also been used throughout history for communication purposes.  From Peru to Siberia, they have been a part of ceremonies, ritual healing practices and creative expression. The Artbeat for Humanity project traces the thousand-year-old tradition of drum painting, present throughout cultures around the globe.  Our unique approach of creating imagery is inclusive and suitable for expert creatives and novices alike.  Create your own images to transfer onto a ready to go painting surface-your Art Beat drum!

ABH drums.jpg
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