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The Color Show is Coming to a Close

The Color Show is coming to a close on May 31st. Thank you to all of our artists for participating in the exhibit and another congrats to all of our award winners! See images of the awardees artwork below.

Best of Show Lyanne Hernandez "Mixed Emotions"

1st Place: Julianna Gallardo “Hot Chips”

2nd Place: Carlos Benavides “Vision in Red”

3rd Place: Rae Red and Margie Smeller video “Red Song”

Juror 1's Choice: Jaqueline Butler “At the Office”

Juror 2's Choice: Shawn Crum “Deer Shawn”

Juror 3's Choice: Andrew Ruano “161 Robots”

Curators Choice: Matthew Campano “Red Items”

Director’s Choice: Brendan Kerr “Red Velvet Cake”

This show has been a great success and has been well received by the community! So much so that 8 pieces from the show have sold! See the pieces that have sold below!

The vote for next years color in the color show will be announced on June 6th! Last counted, blue was in the lead!

If you missed the opening reception and awards ceremony you can view the video over Instagram by clicking here!

You can also view the virtual exhibition here. Learn more about the artists, see the artwork in detail and view images and a 3D scan of the physical exhibition here.

We are also hosting another community exhibition at the Able ARTS Work Gallery! See image below. Submission form and more details to come.

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