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As ASD moves towards finding entrepreneurships through MICROENTERPRISE for its students with disabilities, we intend to help them realize their hopes and dreams, to envision a life they want to live. ASD will support the students in attaining this goal by exploring ways to bring in additional resources to support and inspire them and also through perhaps social enterprise between the nonprofit and the for-profit. In a Wall Street Journal article Subprime Lender, (Opinion, March 1-2, 2008) Mr. Yunus of Grameen America reports on lending money to “Social Business”. The premise of the article and one that ASD will explore this year, is in terms of how fundraising lives within the definition of social business as “cause-driven” rather than “profit-driven.” “It’s not a charity: its owners are entitled to recoup their investments, and the social business must recover it full costs, or more, even as it concentrates on creating products”, such as the ASD art galleries and gift shops, or services. He expresses all the things we want to do for others and many people are pushed into philanthropy, which isn’t always an efficient way to bring about change. In philanthropy the “dollar has only one life, you can use it once…social business dollar has endless life, it recycles. And you build institutions. When it’s an institution, {like ASD}, you bring more creativity and life into it… You bring innovations into it…. You bring continuity into it.”

  • GO! Store that features many handmade art items and gifts.

  • CAFEPRESS an on-line strategic partnership which is a customized store for gifts and specialty items with ASD student graphic arts.

  • EPIC ARTS which creates gift baskets of Extra Virgin non-filtered Organic Olive Oil and a beautiful reserve Opolo Zinfandel Wine (courtesy and strategic partnership of the Belli Familia and Belli Vineyard).

These MICROENTERPRISE projects promote social enterprise, social entrepreneurship and social inclusion for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and the community with plans to expand and develop these projects in the future to include many more artists and strategic community partnerships. Therefore based on this business model of Social enterprise, Arts and Services for Disabled, Inc. is not about charity, it is about building institutions, creating change and community. It is about envisioning lives for our students with disabilities through the creative arts-this is a new and exciting focus on nonprofit fundraising fundable programs that will assist our students to lead more productive lives.