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Welcome to the Go! Store

Beyond being a shop for family, friends and the general community to shop at for unique handmade gifts, the Go! Store is a place for students to build and develop vocational and social skills. Students who participate by working in and running the Go! Store will learn key concepts to working in a small business. These concepts will be drawn from a business plan model created specifically for microenterprises. Students will use this model loosely in order to build organizational skills as well as to create an understanding of the purpose of the store. Students will also learn about the many varying levels of what it takes to run a business. Some of these include:

  • Money Concepts: expenses, budget and utilizing income

  • Supply and Demand

  • Advertising

  • Security

  • Customer Service

  • Inventory

  • Products and Services

  • Management and Organization

  • Marketing

By having a strong vocational aspect, students will have the opportunity to engage with their community directly in the surrounding area, as well as on a broader scale with trips to potential vendors in other parts of the city. Students created an Etsy website account specifically for the Go! Store,, which broadens their sense of community since the Etsy website will be available to a worldwide audience. Many of these are long term goals and some are feasible to achieve in the short term. Regardless, students will have many opportunities to grow as a team as well as individuals.