The Semi-Solo Show

The Semi Solo Show hosts a selection of artists to represent each of the Able ARTS Work programs. The Artists, Cristina Mariotta, resident artist of our Achieving Results Together Program (ART) since 2006, Lawrence “PJ” Ward III, resident artist of the Cultural Education Center for the Arts (CECA) since 2015, Roberto Lugardo, resident artist of Encouraging Personal Independence (EPI) since 2020 and Satchel Hayes, resident artist of the Cultural Education Center for the Arts (CECA) since 2018.

Through this exhibition we highlight the progress of each artist has made since joining Able ARTS Work and celebrate their continued creativity while working virtually for over a year since the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Semi-Solo Show was juried by Able ARTS Work Resident Artists.

Thank you to our jurors:

Tran Nguyen

Matthew Campano

Renee Morneau

Cristina Mariotta

Satchel Hayes

Lawrence “PJ” Ward III

Michael Hinkley

Andrea Searles

Anthony Wright

Paul Myers

Charles Holley


Artists who submitted for this exhibition were not allow to vote for their own work.

View the Physical Exhibition Below

Cristina Mariotta

Resident Artist of ART Center Since 2006

Cristina Mariotta Image.jpg

Cristina is a local artist among the Long Beach area. Her 15 years of involvement within the company has showcased her dedication to Able ARTS Work and its art projects, local events and artist news.

Cristina’s creative work includes a wide range of drawing, painting, installation and printmaking. She is a well-rounded artist who thrives on supporting her local community and other emerging artists. She is an advocate for the environment and healthy living, which has a profound influence in her artwork.

Cristina’s creative process varies, but she enjoys both fine art and illustration. Over the last few years, Cristina has become comfortable with now creating digital art and seeks to explore more opportunities to create digitally in the future.

Cristina is influenced and motivated by those around her. She is competitive and has accomplished many projects as a resident artist. Her most recent pieces of work are on display at the gallery off of 2nd and PCH. She was a runner-up contestant for the Littleton Road Philanthropy logo competition and has been commissioned to work on an assortment of projects throughout the years.

Cristina has been practicing her watercolor painting skills and when asked about her interest in the medium Cristina responded “Watercolor painting makes me happy and lets me express myself in all the light colors”. Cristina has established many projects that involve food but for this series, she would like to include the food with the use of watercolor materials.

Cristina Mariotta Bio read by Brian Corder of ART Center

This video is about ASL Good Manners.

Halloween Scareby ArtBeat Radio
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Cristina took part in writing the audio drama, "Halloween Scare" a scary Halloween story in October of 2021. She created lines to be read and suggested sound effects. You can hear her sound effects of "boo!" and screaming throughout.

ART Orchestra was created to give ASD clients an opportunity to get inside classical music. We incorporate the essential elements or ingredients of a musical piece: melody, rhythm and movement and put them together to create a unique recipe. This semester we will be recording all five movements of our interpretation of the Firebird Orchestral Suite written by Igor Stravinsky.


Each of the five movements is put together in six lessons. Lesson one develops the melodic ingredient of the piece, lesson two develops the rhythmic ingredient, lesson three develops the movement ingredient, lesson four further develops the recipe by putting all of the ingredients together, lesson five focuses on refining the recipe, and lesson six focuses on sharing our musical creation with the community.

Lawrence "PJ" Ward III

Resident Artist of CECA Since 2015

PJ Ward III (1)_edited.jpg

PJ is a resident artist at Cultural Education Center for the Arts (CECA), a studio program at Able ARTS Work located in Hawthorne, CA.


PJ loves music, dance, and mixed media art. In his signature expressionistic painting style, he creates whirlwinds of energy radiating from within the canvas. His subject matters vary in theme and complexity from exploring the basic earthly elements, processing emotions related to illness, death and separation, to purely visual expressions of rhythm and gesture inspired by his favorite music. He enjoys experimenting with contemporary art media, including spray paint, airbrush and collage. In 2018, PJ celebrated his first solo show at Long Beach City Hall and was recognized by the City Council for being an influential member of the arts community. He has participated in several exhibitions with Able ARTS Work including Make Your Mark in January of 2021 and Yamaha Cares Upcycled Guitar Exhibit in March of 2021. He is currently challenging his artmaking practices with larger and more complicated works.


An avid music fan, DJ-PJ creates playlists of hip hop, rock, and Latin pop tunes for both family parties and professional engagements.  His musical tastes reflect the vibrant cultural landscape of his native California, while speaking to his passion for human connection and irresistible grooves.

PJ Ward III Bio read by Stephanie & Max with ArtBeat Radio
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The DJPJ Experienceby DJ PJ & ArtBeat Radio
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