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Able ARTS Work is a proud user of REMO Comfort Sound Technology instruments.  Everyday, Able ARTS Work music therapists work individually and in groups to reach the full potential behind individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities.  The scientifically proven instruments allow our therapists to use interventions that stimulate both the developmental and social goals of our students.  Individuals with self injurious behaviors can often times be re-directed to use that energy to play drums.  Using specific Comfort Sound drums also allows individuals to express emotions by giving them the simulation of loud playing without interrupting others who may have sound sensitivities. 

Comfort Sound Technology allows us to have a drumming class in which we can play a looping rhythm, chant, and still be heard over the drumming of our students. REMO drums feel good to play, sound great, and don’t cause sensory overload!

Purchase your own REMO Comfort Sound Technology instruments through the Ami and Remo Belli Foundation and earn a matching grant for qualifying institutions and clinicians.  In doing so, you help Able ARTS Work continue to provide meaningful quality of life programs and services to individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities through our creative arts programs.  For more information please contact us at 562.982.0247 


See the full line of REMO instruments at