George V. Deneff Gallery in Long Beach, CA. (est. 7/14/91) with the mission to offer Arts & Services for Disabled, Inc. students a venue to display their artwork and to promote the students as professionals. The gallery was a dream to develop as our students developed their artistic skills and needed a viable artistic venue to showcase their work to the community. The GVD Gallery was named after Founder, Helen G. Dolas’s father, George V Deneff, after his tragic passing from liver cancer in 1991. He was a founding Board member and inspiration of support of the organization upon its inception in 1982.

The GVD is a place of vocation through work opportunities such as art exhibit curation, to be a gallery docent, matting and framing and spotting of art and art sales. The GVDeneff Gallery is also a venue that promotes community inclusion as well as embraces other artists, both disabled and non-disabled, creating new opportunities and possibilities within the local art community and the art world.

Arts & Services for Disabled, Inc. opened Artifact Gallery, in Hawthorne, Ca. in July 2007 and is found at the Cultural Education Center for the Arts. The Artifact gallery provides similar opportunities as the George V. Deneff Gallery. Additionally, its quest is to offer vocational opportunities through a workshop Teaching Assistant program. This forum will offer inclusive community workshops that are open to everyone in the community for a small material fee. Students will also have leadership roles in the workshops earning an income as an educational and art professional.